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Particulate matter reduction DPF filters

Particulate matter (PM) emissions directly affect the surrounding environment.

Thanks to exhaust gas filtration, we are able to remove up to 99% of the particles emitted. When designing our systems, we pay attention to the characteristics of the respective device, thanks to which we are able to select the appropriate filter regeneration method. Regeneration can take place passively by means of oxidation catalysts or actively by means of fuel injection or the use of electric heaters. When considering a particular order, we try to make efficient use of the available space and take into account the damping properties of the DPF, thanks to which we are able to install the filter in place of the silencer and, thanks to computational fluid mechanics, determine the back-pressure of a particular system even at the design stage. Systems can be fitted with bypass valves, which are required by classification societies for Stage V installations.

Our DPF system

Our DPF system

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