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Industry and transport are subject to strict European regulations that put air cleanliness first.

However, reducing harmful emissions is not only expected to have a positive impact on the environment – it is also about reducing the release of substances that can cause the development of deadly diseases. Ecoexhaust provides technologies to help meet these challenges.

The system solutions we offer in the area of exhaust gas aftertreatment minimise the release of particulate matter, carbon and nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. We specialise in SCR systems that reduce NOx emissions into the air, DPF filters, SNCR systems and SCR & DPF combination systems. What effect do the various exhaust aftertreatment technologies have?

Exhaust gas cleaning systems – who is it for?

The solutions we offer are used in many areas. We specialize in technologies for the offshore and inland waterway industries. We also provide solutions tailored to the operation of generators and cogeneration systems. Greenhouse technologies are also among our offerings.

We invite companies operating in these areas to cooperate with us. From SCR, SNCR, NOx-reducing solutions or DPF, we will select the right cleaning technology for your business.

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