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Exhaust gas cleaning systems
for power generators
Local environmental standards, dense buildings nearby, unpleasant smell of exhaust fumes or high emission fees? There are several reasons why installing an exhaust aftertreatment system for generator sets is a smart decision. Thanks to the wide offer, such as particulate filters with passive or active regeneration, SCR systems with closed control loop, SCR systems controlled by the intake air sensor, oxidation catalysts, we are able to skillfully select the configuration of systems to match the engine’s operating characteristics and get the best possible results. In the case of older engines without an electronic engine control system, we use an air intake sensor which, in combination with the catalyst monitoring system, allows us to control the SCR process. An individual approach to each order allows us to design effective and economical systems, regardless of whether the engine is powered by EN 590 fuel or gas fuel.

The SCR system working with the generator takes the engine load signal from the controller. In this way, a map of the required urea injection is prepared. In practice, our engineers calibrate the SCR system based on the analyzer readings to ensure that the final NOx emissions comply with the guidelines. Too much urea injection leads to so-called ammonia slippage, which is also regulated by law.

power generators

Key parameters of our SCR for power generators

  • High NOx reduction up to 97%
  • MPCD and Stage V compliance
  • Very low exhaust backpressure drop
  • NOx and NH3 monitoring system
  • Soot emission considered
  • Compact system
  • Easy installation
  • CFD analyses for each case
  • DPF soot reduction as option
  • Urea storage/service considered

Our SCR system

Our SCR system

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